How freelancers can improve their business with end-of-year planning

As the end of the year comes into sight, many freelancers will spend some time reviewing how 2018 went and making plans for 2019. Whether you’ve been self-employed for decades or just a few months, end-of-year planning is a valuable tool for creating the business and the life that you want.

In just the last two years, my end-of-year planning has helped me:

  • Drop services that didn’t play to my strength and focus on the areas where I can deliver the most value for clients.
  • Drop clients that weren’t a good fit for my business — or that I didn’t enjoy working with.
  • More than double my profit margins.
  • Helped make me happier, healthier and wealthier.

In the corporate world, annual planning often starts months before the end of the year. But for freelancers and the self-employed, annual planning is faster and simpler. I’ve developed a three-step process that any freelancer, consultant, self-employed professional or microbusiness can use for end-of-year planning.

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