Coaching Services

Are you a:

  • Self-employed professional?
  • Freelancer or consultant?
  • Owner or executive at a small business or nonprofit?

Looking to up your game? Consider coaching.

I bring formal business education plus years of business experience to every coaching engagement. The goal is to help you be more effective and more successful in your professional life. Coaching is where we work together to:

  • Apply a strategic business lens to your work
  • Set ambitious but achievable goals and develop plans to reach those goals
  • Formulate strategies and tactics to be more competitive
  • Master practical, results-focused sales and marketing skills
  • Manage clients, contractors and employees
  • Make better decisions on financial and legal matters
  • Increase your productivity
  • Find a sustainable balance between work and personal life

Relevant Experience

Since 2013 I’ve run a six-figure consulting and freelance business. My clients include nonprofits and universities, government agencies, media outlets, and large and small companies in a range of industries — B2B and B2C manufacturing, professional services, health care, education and training, and others.

For the 20-some years before that, I held a variety of creative and managerial roles in media and marketing, including a stint as a nonprofit communications director. I have also served on and led boards of staff-driven and all-volunteer nonprofit organizations. I’ve provided formal and informal coaching, trained top executives and professionals in communication skills, and taught college classes in marketing and strategic communications. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and an MBA.

What Coaching Looks Like

A typical coaching session lasts about an hour. It’s usually done via phone, Skype or another online communications platform, but in some cases may happen in person (if we’re both in the same place at the same time). You determine the overall focus of the coaching work and the top priority for each coaching session and then we work together to achieve your goals.

During a typical session I’ll ask questions to help both of us better understand the challenge you’re facing. I often offer tips and advice and work with you so you can find a solution that works. Coaching includes an element of teaching, but is designed to help you become better at solving new problems and achieving goals over time.

Coaching is not me telling you what to do; it’s us exploring a challenge, considering options and deciding how to move forward and solve the problem.

I sometimes suggest books, websites, podcasts, specific software and other resources that may help you with a specific issue. The important thing is that you engage thoughtfully and intentionally.

Toward the end of each coaching session, I will usually offer some “homework” — tasks for you to work on and, ideally, complete before the next coaching session. At the next session, I will ask you about those tasks — whether you did them, what the outcomes were, what you learned. The goal of this homework is to provide additional accountability and ensure you apply what we’re discussing during coaching.

Coaching sessions should be scheduled at a time and place that allows you to be fully focused on the work and not distracted by your surroundings, children or other commitments.

Coaching Packages

To be truly helpful, coaching must extend over multiple sessions. This allows us to develop the rapport and relationship effective coaching requires. Multiple sessions also provide accountability and a focus on growth. Coaching is not intended to last forever, but it can be maintained for as long as you get value from it. Sometimes a coaching engagement may focus on a single issue or challenge, or the focus may evolve over time to address your ongoing needs.

Each session is about one hour in length, though sometimes they may go a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on what we’re discussing. There is no formal limit on between-sessions consultations, but my expectation is that you won’t abuse those and will be respectful of my other obligations.

$900 per month (Two-month minimum commitment)

  • One session per week
  • Between-sessions consultation as appropriate

Ideal for someone who is prepared to work intensively to tackle problems and make changes rapidly. This is ideal for you if you have clear, well-defined needs, a specific goal you’re trying to achieve, and the ability to spend a considerable amount of time working on these issues.

$500 per month (Three-month minimum commitment)

  • Two sessions per month
  • Between-sessions consultation as appropriate

This is good for people who want to work steadily toward a specific goal or make broad changes over time in their work or organization. The twice-a-month pacing will keep you focused and moving forward, but is not as demanding and time-intensive as weekly coaching.

$300 per month (Six-month minimum commitment)

  • One session per month
  • Between-sessions consultation as appropriate

Monthly coaching is good for people seeking a more measured pace of change or who can’t commit to faster-paced work. It is also good for individuals who want to start a business from scratch or grow a business from part-time to full-time.

Unless otherwise arranged, coaching services are billed automatically at the beginning of each month with payment by credit card.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about coaching, please email me to schedule a 30-minute consultation. This is a no-obligation call to help you decide whether my coaching services would be a good fit for you, discuss how coaching works in more detail, and answer any questions you have.