Our mission is to help you achieve your goals faster.

Even the most successful people face challenges. Their goals change, their circumstances change, the world changes. We must grow and adapt to thrive in those new circumstances. The same is true for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Accelerated Potential is focused on helping self-employed knowledge workers — creatives, freelancers, consultants and professionals — learn, adapt and thrive. The goal is to help ambitious individuals achieve their professional and personal goals.

About Mark Tosczak

Accelerated Potential founder Mark Tosczak has more than 25 years experience in media, communications, nonprofits and education as an award-winning writer, manager, teacher and coach. His experience includes:

  • Contributing to several award-winning newsrooms as a reporter and editor.
  • Leading communications and marketing at an economic development think tank.
  • Heading multiple client teams serving nonprofit and corporate clients as a vice president at a PR and marketing agency.
  • Teaching communications and marketing at Elon University.
  • Running a freelance communications consultancy serving a range of for-profit, nonprofit and media clients.

Mark has mentored and coached young professionals, advised and trained senior executives, and devised strategies for organizations large and small. He has a bachelor’s degree from N.C. State University and an MBA from Elon University.

He can be reached at mark@acceleratedpotential.com.